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1. If you would like to participate in an interactive event, it would be great if, in addition to purchasing a ticket, you would also briefly provide some information about yourself in the form provided. In the best case you even upload a photo. You are not only a normal guest but also part of our high quality products. For the exact planning of our content it is important to know as much as possible about our new shooting stars.

2. Everyone who participates in such an event must necessarily sign the consent form and thus transfer his image rights for the project to MOODLAW. Without a signed consent form, the ticket purchase is invalid and you will not have access to the party. Please bring the printed and completed consent form with you to the event. There it will be checked against your ID and retained.

3. Filming on the evening of the event is limited to a selected time slot of approximately 3 hours. There will be no filming before and after that. 

4. You come to party, the shooting team comes to work: Please do not disturb the crew members while they are working. They will not disturb you while you are partying either.  They will try to behave as unobtrusively as possible. Please don't touch the equipment, don't bother the crew with unnecessary questions and don't try to be in the way all the time. Everyone is working at 150 percent to make you and the main actors look good, so please respect that. Violations will be warned and may result in exclusion from the event without refund of the ticket price. 

5. It is forbidden to look into the camera lens during filming. We shoot fictional content, not a documentary. Curious glances into the lens disrupt the aesthetics of the final product. 

6. Your advantages: You become part of an exciting story. If you position yourself accordingly and stand favorably for the camera, you will receive high-quality content as proof of your participation, which you can also use for your own purposes (social media, showreel, etc.) after publication. In addition, you will experience first-hand how professional films are made and dance shoulder-to-shoulder with famous actors and actresses to the music of great DJs. However, please understand that  you are not the main character. This means that we cannot guarantee that there will be footage of you. We try to capture as much as possible of the location and the guests, but the focus is on the story and the figures we want to tell. Everything else has to adapt to it.

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