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We develop ideas into cross media concepts that provide insights into the story and the production of the series.

We produce all listed series in full service, and ready for broadcast.

*All content is password protected. For insights, please use reservation form below.

butcher logo website.jpg

BUTCHER & SHEEP / dystopian series

(in-house production)

The future - our great love or a hated nightmare?

future, dark, social citism



ÇATLAK / documentary meets fiction in series

(in-house production)

Impressive personalities tell their real stories so authentically that it hurts.

true storys, fates, mindset



VIOLINS / sociocritical drama-series

(in-house production)

We feel the same but we act diffrently.

emotions, question of guilt, karma



SIXPOINTFIVE/ interactive series

(in-house production)

How far will you go for likes and fame?

social media, generation z, pressure

SQUARES/ dramedy

(in-house production)

To honor their dead father, a mismatched

brother and sister must first get past

their mother, who's nuts.

womanpower, social media, mad world


NIGHTDESK / drama-series

(in-house production)

Two guys want quick money but instead

they make others die slowly.


moodgods cover website.jpg

MOODGODS/ interactive drama-series

(in-house production)

A deaf-mute falls in love with music again.

inspiration, techno, resilience


LITTLEFOOT/ musicvideo

(custom production, not confirmed yet)

Music video for Mef Mecdicine and his first

Release "Littlefoot".

Rap, urban, street


STUNT / drama-series

(in-house production)

By chance, a talented pianist becomes a

rap star.

fate, musical, crime


alchemistt cover.jpg

ALCHEMIST / Imagefilm Lonsdale

(custom production)

4 important elements of boxing unite.

sports, power, passion

addicts covver.jpg

ADDICTS / imagefilm porsche

(custom production)

(custom production, not confirmed yet)

Safiq does the deal of a life time.



If you are seriously interested in any of the available listed products, please fill in the reservation form below.*

Please note that all information is required and will be checked for accuracy and validity.


After successful validation and signing of the Non-disclosure agreement (download & upload at the end of this form), you will receive the respective password and have 48 hours to look at the concept under exclusion of third parties. During this time we guarantee that no other new interesent will get access to the product.

If you do not contact MOODLAW after this time to plan further steps or if the negotiations fail, the concept will be released again.


*Protecting thoughts and ideas is difficult. Please understand that contacts including open source e-mail addresses will not be honored.


Download Non-Disclosure-Agreement here:
*required information

Thank you for the reservation!


We will check your entries within the next 24 hours. If you meet all conditions

and after you have downloaded  and reuploaded the signed NDA (see below), signed it and returned it to MOODLAW, the reserved concepts will be blocked for other interested parties for 48 hours from the time of successful validation.

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